Super Bowl LII

It’s Super Bowl Sunday! The New England Patriots vs. the Philadelphia Eagles… or is it really Massachusetts PCHP sites vs. Philadelphia PCHP sites?

Massachusetts PCHP sites reach over 1350 families. Philadelphia PCHP sites, while just in year two of implementation, reach almost 200 families. PCHP families, children, and staff in both locations are showing their pride in their home teams! And no matter what the outcome of the game, we are very proud of the work that all our sites are doing.

Both Massachusetts and Philadelphia are big winners for their work to close the achievement gap and ensure that families living in both areas have the knowledge, tools, and skills to prepare their children for school and life.

Take a look below for how PCHP Philadelphia and PCHP Massachusetts are celebrating, and showing support for their team.



PCHP Philadelphia











PCHP Massachusetts