Pittsfield Kindergarten Readiness Data

Title I-eligible Parent-Child Home Program graduates are better prepared for Kindergarten than those who have only had Pre-K & than all students district side.

For over 35 years, the Pittsfield, MA Public Schools have provided The Parent-Child Home Program to Title I-eligible families as a key aspect of their early childhood initiative. During this time, the school district has consistently documented that the Program is successfully preparing children and their families to enter pre-k and kindergarten ready to be successful students. Since 1992, the district has been administering the Daberon (a nationally validated school readiness assessment) to all incoming kindergartners, and analyzing this data to assess the impact of the Title 1 preschool program on kindergarten readiness. The data has consistently demonstrated that the preschool experience, specifically participation in both The Parent-Child Home Program and pre-K sequentially, significantly improved children’s school readiness.

Table 1, the Daberon data from Pittsfield for 2005, shows that those children who completed The Parent-Child Home Program and Pre-K entered kindergarten on average 10.15 months developmentally above their chronological age, compared to an average of 3.30 months above chronological age district wide. Those children who only had Pre-K and not The Parent-Child Home Program were on average only 4.86 months above their chronological age.


Mean Chronological Age (Months) Mean Daberon Age (Months) Difference in Months Percent Scoring Above Chronological Age
PCHP + Pre-K 62.90 73.05  +10.15 93%
Pre-K Only 63.31 68.17  +4.86 69%
No Pre-K 64.99 61.80 -3.19 39%
District-wide 63.57 66.87 +3.30 66%

An additional year of Daberon data was analyzed in 2008. Due to an increase in the transitory nature of the Title I-eligible population, of the 40 Parent-Child Home Program graduates eligible for kindergarten, only 21 were identified in the current school population. Table 2 shows that Parent-Child Home Program graduates entering kindergarten were on average 8.43 months developmentally above their chronological age while the Pittsfield district-wide average was only 1.27 months above chronological age.


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