Staff Training

The Parent-Child Home Program requires that all site coordinators complete 3 days of an Initial Training Institute before implementing the program. This Training Institute is offered by training staff from the National Center, or designated regional representatives, and is scheduled according to demand. Only site coordinators and other staff employed by an agency or school that has signed a Replication Agreement with the PCHP National Center may attend. The next scheduled Training Institutes will take place on:


  • January 29-31, 2019 at the PCHP National Center in Mineola, New York 


Staff trainings are open to new PCHP Coordinators at both new PCHP sites and existing sites.  Registration required.  Please contact Michele Morrison at for further information and registration form.


All new Site Coordinators are also required to complete their certification by attending a Follow-Up Training within a year of program implementation. The Follow-Up Training is offered in conjunction with the PCHP Annual Conference.


Advocate News Online, 11/9/18   Wellington Management Foundation Awards $200,000 Catalyst Gift to Massachusetts Parent-Child Home Program


MASSACHUSETTS October 2018 – The Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP), a leading early childhood school readiness organization working in 14 states nationwide and five other countries, is proud to announce that it has been awarded $200,000 Wellington Management Foundation Catalyst Grant. Thanks to this grant, allocated over three years, PCHP will be able to open a new site in Malden, Massachusetts. Beginning with 15 families when it opens, PCHP will be able to work with more than 40 families over the three years.

In Malden, the need for PCHP is clear – 45% of district students are considered economically disadvantaged and 24% of children 18 years and under live below the poverty line. In addition, Malden High School is the most diverse high school in the state. Behind these statistics are too many children who are already behind when they start school, and too many who will never catch up. PCHP is thrilled to be able to start working with families in Malden in order to prevent the achievement gap and support families in building school success for their children.

“The Malden Public Schools are enthusiastic about the opportunity to start a new Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP) site by fall 2018,” states John Oteri, Superintendent of Malden Public Schools. “This evidence-based school readiness and family support program will significantly contribute to the MPS early childhood continuum of services for children and families. PCHP will effectively reach out to the diverse population of English Language Learners in the city who will greatly benefit from this terrific program.”

PCHP is confident that working with parents, it will be able to significantly impact school readiness in Malden. We thank Wellington Management for making this significant investment in the future school success of the children of Malden.