Annual Conference

The Parent-Child Home Program National Center sponsors an Annual Conference which takes place in the spring. The two-day conference features workshops for both site coordinators and early learning specialists, and is designed to provide professional development for PCHP staff. Site coordinators (and, if possible, early learning specialists) are strongly encouraged to attend. Many of the workshops cover topics of interest to anyone working in the early childhood or home visiting field, and is open to all of those who are interested.


The 2019 Conference will be held from May 1-2 at the 

Long Island Marriott in Uniondale, NY.


2019 Annual Conference Keynote Speakers


Lori Roggman

Lori Roggman, Ph.D., Professor of Human Development, Utah State University

“Strategies to Promote Resilience: Reflections on Home Visiting”


Dr. Roggman is the lead author of the book, Developmental Parenting, as well as two assessments, the Parenting Interactions with Children Checklist of Observations Linked to Outcomes (PICCOLO) and the Home Visit Ratings Scales (HOVRS). Her research focuses on how parents can support their children’s early development and how home visiting practices can promote developmental parenting.

Timothy HathawayTimothy Hathaway, Executive Director, Prevent Abuse New York

Presenting the film: “Resilience: The Biology of Stress and Science of Hope”


At PCANY, Mr. Hathaway focuses on initiatives to enhance programs to build strong families and increase the use of Protective Factors to help prevent child maltreatment. He will be presenting the film “Resilience: The Biology of Stress and Science of Hope” followed by a facilitated discussion. The film, directed by James Redford, chronicles the birth of a new movement to use cutting-edge brain science to disrupt cycles of violence, addiction, and disease. Please click here to watch a trailer for the film.


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Philanthropy Ireland, 4/10/18   Philanthropy In Action: Early Learning Initiative, National College of Ireland


With support from The Ireland Funds, our Parent Child Home Program (PCHP), an innovative, home based literacy and parenting program, has helped hundreds of parents to develop the confidence and skills to support their children’s language, literacy and numeracy development.

Our PCHP families often live in areas that suffer from generational, long-term problems of social deprivation, poverty, poor educational attainment and mass unemployment. Public violence, which ranges from aggressive shouting to more serious violent crime, is public and in sometimes in clear view of the children. Most of the families live in very overcrowded cramped conditions with children finding it difficult to learn to sit up, crawl and walk. Screen time has impacted severely on children’s language acquisition with the majority of the children non-verbal on entering the program; frustrated and aggressive because they can’t express themselves. The sense of isolation is very high with the Home Visitor often the only person to call to these families from one week to the next.

In their twice weekly visits, a sense of stability is achieved. The Home Visitors use high quality educational books and toys to model for parents how to talk, play and read with their children. The parents then continue the activities in their own time. As one dad said, “It’s a winner. He takes out them books. The wife would read to him most nights. I have seen the improvement.” Our longitudinal studies have found that PCHP children are doing well in school. A typical comment from parents is, “It built up my child’s language skills. He is in first class and he can read at third class level. Through PCHP he got the foundations for learning for life.” Ten years on, families are still using the books and toys provided by The Ireland Funds. One parent told us, “I would never have read books if it wasn’t for the program.” Another told us, “He asks for a story for bed….and just the other night, he went on into bed. I said, ‘Go on in and I’ll follow you in in a minute’ and he has the whole bag that he carries around with him with (PCHP) books in. When I went in, he said ‘Mam, I read this by myself.’” Interestingly, many PCHP children act as Home Visitors to their young siblings.

Please click here to read the full article in Philanthropy Ireland.