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Thank you for donating to the Parent-Child Home Program! Your support will ensure that we can end the achievement gap for many more vulnerable, low-income families. They will have access to the information and tools to prepare their children for school and life success. Their children will be ready for kindergarten, and go on to perform on grade level in third grade and graduate from high school. Together we are leveling the playing field and building brighter futures!


Online/Check Donations

An online or check gift is simplest way to contribute to PCHP. We will put it to work right away and, at the same time, it can lower a donor’s taxable income. Please click here to donate online. If you prefer to donate by check, please make all checks payable to Parent-Child Home Program and mail them to 163B Mineola Boulevard, Mineola, NY 11501.

PCHP New York City Fund

If you would like your online or check donation to directly support PCHP’s work in New York City, please make your donation to our PCHP NYC Fund through this link.

Corporate Gifts

Corporations, partnerships, and other entities that make gifts to PCHP may also take a deduction for their contributions. Donors who are business owners may choose to have their business make a gift directly to PCHP, rather than making it individually.


Donations of appreciated stock are easy to make through PCHP’s brokerage account. Donors can generally deduct the current fair market value of securities’ donations and not pay taxes on the appreciation. Please contact Courtney Inman at cinman@parent-child.org or at 516-883-7480 for more information.

Matching Gifts

Many employers have a “matching gift” policy that can effectively double, or in some cases, triple, an employee’s contribution of cash or securities. PCHP credits the individual donor for the total gift. Corporations, partnerships, and other entities that make gifts to PCHP may also take a deduction for their contributions.

Deferred Gifts and Bequests

Bequests or deferred gifts are an important source of support for PCHP. Bequests can be made in several ways.

  • You can provide that a specific dollar amount (for example, $10,000), a specific percentage (for example, 5%), or a remainder share of your estate will be donated to PCHP..
  • You can designate a specific asset to pass to PCHP (such as securities or an IRA). IRAs can pass directly to the organization.
  • Bequests can also be made in memory/honor of a person, and we would be happy to suggest ways to ensure proper recognition.

Should you choose any of these options, please make sure you properly identify PCHP. Please contact Courtney Inman at cinman@parent-child.org or 516-883-7480. Please click here for a complete list of options.

Give Through Work

To Donate Through the United Way

Anyone who donates through a United Way anywhere in the US, can designate their donation for PCHP. Please contact Courtney Inman at cinman@parent-child.org or 516-883-7480 for more information.

For New York State Employees

PCHP participates in SEFA – the only authorized workplace giving campaign offered to New York state employees. State employees may give to any of the participating charities through payroll deduction or a one-time gift. If you are a NY State employee, we greatly appreciate you choosing PCHP as your SEFA partner! PCHP’s SEFA number is 999 – 00340.

For Private Sector Employees

If your company has a corporate giving campaign, you are likely to be able to choose (or recommend) the charity you would like to support through your company. If your employer has a corporate match program, you can make your donation go even further. We are happy to provide any documentation to certify receipt of your donation. For questions about workplace giving, please contact Courtney Inman at cinman@parent-child.org or 516-883-7480.

Shop Through Amazon

Shop through smile.amazon.com and select the Parent-Child Home Program as your charity of choice. Every time you shop through smile.amazon.com, PCHP recieves a small percentage of all your purchases.

RE(A)D Backpack Campaign

For $25, PCHP donors can provide a red backpack fully stocked with school supplies and books for a PCHP participant to receive at their graduation or moving up ceremony. Thanks to our generous supporters, since 2013 we have provided over 800 backpacks to grinning PCHP graduates. Please click here for more information.

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