Become a Corporate Partner

The Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP) is proud to partner with corporations that are interested in supporting early childhood education.  Corporate support enables PCHP to reach more families in need and prepare low-income children for school and life success.  Partnership with an evidence-based, nationally replicated program can also provide powerful opportunities for companies to engage employees and/or clients, meet corporate social responsibility goals, and make a direct, positive impact in the communities in which their employees work and live.

Below are suggested corporate partnership and employee engagement opportunities.  Please note that the Parent-Child Home Program National Center staff is happy to work with your organization to develop a unique event customized to fit the interests of your employees, the culture of your workplace, and your CSR efforts.  Below are some suggested events, activities, and examples of successful partnerships with Deloitte, KPMG, and L.K. Bennett.


Backpack Stuffing

An important component of The Parent-Child Home Program is working with participants to enroll their children in preschool, as their child’s next educational step.  To help Program children get ready for their first school experience, your employees can stuff their first backpacks with school supplies and books.  Program staff will assist your team in selecting an appropriate price point and selecting age-appropriate materials to include.  Program staff will also assist you in creating promotional materials and can work with you to have employees participate in a “graduation” or “promotion” event where backpacks can be distributed directly to Program participants.


Hosting a Graduation

PCHP graduates are 30% more likely than their non-program peers to graduate from high school. Local program sites’ graduation ceremonies are such an important family milestone – the first of many graduations to come.  If you are looking for an opportunity for your employees to engage with PCHP participants, consider hosting a graduation with a local site.  Program staff will work with you on everything you need for a successful event, including location (on-site, museum, park, etc.,), invitations, diplomas, stories, art projects, refreshments, and educational gifts for graduates.  Click here to learn about how Deloitte employees organized and hosted a PCHP graduation.



It typically takes just one book for Program participants to get hooked on the joy of reading.  Help build that enthusiasm for reading by hosting a read-a-thon in your community.  Your employees can pick their favorite children’s book to read aloud to PCHP participants.  Events hosted at museums or other child-centered locations will attract families from around the city to a meaningful event that emphasizes the importance of reading every day.  Program staff will work with you to design the event including location, invitations, age-appropriate books, and gifts.


Friend Raisers

Building awareness of PCHP’s evidence-based school readiness model helps expand the Program to reach more families in need.  Employee, client, or partner events are an excellent opportunity to introduce your network to a cause you care about.  Partner with PCHP and one of our retail partners to create a shopping, dining, or pampering experience that will be fun while helping to create brighter futures for children in need.  PCHP staff will work with the retail partner to manage the event details. Click here to learn more about the Charity Fashion Show and shopping event hosted by L.K. Bennett.


Book/Toy Drive

Participants in the Parent-Child Home Program often have no children’s books or educational toys in their homes when they enter the Program.  With help from your employees, a book or a toy drive will help stock these low-income homes with classics and new adventures to build literacy-rich homes and help prepare under-resourced children to enter school ready to succeed.  The drive can last two to three months and can easily be hosted in your office to benefit a site(s) of your choice.  Program staff will assist your team in creating promotional materials.  We can also work with you to incorporate an on-site event where books can be distributed directly to PCHP participants. Click here to learn more about the Book Drive hosted by KPMG, Long Island.


Amazon Wish List

Providing high-quality books and educational toys to Parent-Child Home Program participants is critical to preparing children for school success.  Families are thrilled to receive these gifts, which are often the very first educational materials in their homes.  Your employees can partner with PCHP to help build literacy-rich home environments for at-risk families from the convenience of their own desks.  The Parent-Child Home Program will create an Amazon “Wish List” including the various books and educational toys a PCHP site of your choosing needs for the coming year.  Employees can review information about PCHP and the local site and decide to purchase one or multiple items from the list to be sent directly to the site.  With your company’s help, the Program site will be able to bring early literacy and school readiness programming to more families in need.  Thank you letters and photographs will be sent to you to distribute to your staff once the campaign is complete.


Cause Marketing

Closing the achievement gap by preparing low-income families for school success is a cause that resonates in communities.  The Parent-Child Home Program staff can work with your team to develop a compelling cause marketing campaign that will bring quality home visiting services to families in need while meeting your organization’s corporate social responsibility objectives and sales goals.  From single events to ongoing campaigns to product sales, PCHP will work with your team to design a mutually beneficial partnership.


Annual Gala Sponsorship

The Parent-Child Home Program has been giving low-income families the opportunity to enter school ready to succeed for over 50 years.  The Literacy Champions Gala is an annual celebration of PCHP’s years of success and the Program’s most important fundraising event of the year.  The funds raised at the event each November support the expansion of the Program to reach many more families in need.  Your company can support PCHP and help create brighter futures for many at-risk children by sponsoring the Literacy Champions Gala.  Sponsorship includes the opportunity to bring employees and clients to join in the festivities and learn about our work. Click here to view the sponsorship levels and other opportunities.