Fall 2017 School Readiness Forum

An exploration of new ideas to prevent the K-12 Achievement Gap



“Poverty, School Reforms, and the Role of Early Childhood Interventions”
Chris Cerf, Superintendent of the Newark Public Schools



“Rethinking the Achievement Gap: Insights from the Field”
Ian Rowe, CEO, Public Prep, Moderator
Shael Polakow-Suransky, President, Bank Street College of Education
Barbara Reisman, Senior Advisor, Maher Charitable Foundation
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About PCHP

For over 50 years, PCHP has been helping families prepare their children for school success through intensive home visiting. This evidenced-based early literacy, parenting, and school readiness model addresses the achievement gap head-on, building language, social-emotional, and numeracy skills. By reaching under-resourced families before their children enter school, PCHP provides them with the knowledge skills, and tools they need to build school readiness where it begins, the home. PCHP is currently working with 115 local partner agencies reaching 400 communities across 14 states. 

About Public Prep

Public Prep is the nation’s oldest and only non-profit network that exclusively develops exceptional, tuition-free PreK and single-sex elementary and middle public schools. Operating with the philosophy to “start early, with the end in mind, Public Prep is determined to graduate 8th grade scholars who thrive in “right-fit,” college-prep public, private, or parochial high schools, and ultimately earn a four-year college degree.