PCHP in the News

  • Winter Books and Winter Hats!

    Winter is here! For many areas, this new season means chillier temperatures and lots of layers. Talk with your children about how we stay warm when it gets cold – ask them what their favorite winter clothing is, and what type of winter weather they like best. Here are some great books to read together…Read More

  • December Children’s Books

    The winter holiday season is upon us! While we may celebrate different holidays or no winter holidays, there are many common themes across this winter season and many wonderful cross-cultural stories to share – snow (whether it snows where you live or you only see it on television) and snowmen, twinkling lights, the love of…Read More

  • Fall Children’s Books

    It’s Fall! The perfect time to share picture books about the changing leaves and the cooler weather. Here are some books about fall that can be found in your local library. There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves by Lucille Colandro This autumn-themed book takes the traditional rhyme to new heights of silliness.…Read More

  • Fall Fun!

    It is fall! Soon many of us will see a landscape filled with beautiful red and orange leaves, feel crisp nights, and taste pumpkin-flavored everything! This is a great time to teach your children about all the different things that fall brings. Fall is so much more than the start of the school year! Experience…Read More

  • School Nerves

    Starting kindergarten is an extremely exciting time for both you and your children, however, it can also be very nerve-wracking! It is a natural for both parents and children to be wary and anxious about this next step. A great way to support your children as they start school or are starting a new year…Read More

  • Back To School Time!

    Who can forget the excitement of starting school?! From socializing on the school bus, to opening a fresh pack of crayons, back-to-school time can be a time to create great memories and excitement about learning!             Tips for Kindergarten Success! Create a “tomorrow” drawer, cubby, or corner where your children can…Read More

  • Keep Your Child Engaged During the Summer!

    Summer is a great opportunity for learning! You can get outside and explore the world around you, read great books that will take you to different places, and have many conversations with your children about the things they see. Keeping children’s brains and bodies engaged during the summer is easier than you think. Here are…Read More

  • Teaching Children To Spread Kindness

    Teaching your children at an early age how to be kind towards others is an important part of raising them to be ready for school and have strong social-emotional skills. The most important things parents can do is to be kind to others so your children see kindness in action. Kids will mimic the actions…Read More

  • Enjoy the Warm Weather!

    Start the warm weather seasons off right by moving your feet and being active! Collect some of your friends and their children and host an Olympics. You can start by making medals together and then can identify some fun for all activities to get everyone moving! We share some ideas with you below, but feel…Read More

  • Be Earthy this Earth Day!

    Earth Day, April 22nd, celebrates our Earth and how important it is to us. Earth Day originated in the 1970s when environmental issues were first coming to the forefront as issues that needed to be addressed. This day provides an opportunity to think about what we can do to keep the Earth healthy, and how…Read More