RE(A)D Backpack Campaign
August 30, 2014 • By Sarah Walzer

When I look at PCHP’s July Facebook posts, I cannot help but smile at all the adorable, happy faces in homemade graduation hats, beaming with both pride in this accomplishment and dreams of their next accomplishments.  If you follow PCHP on Facebook, you may have noticed that this year many of our young graduates are wearing red backpacks, backpacks that are full of books and school supplies to ensure they have the tools for their next educational step.  This year, the PCHP National Center launched the RE(A)D Backpack campaign, and our goal is that every year, every PCHP graduate will receive a stylish backpack full of the materials they need to walk through the classroom door truly RE(A)Dy to succeed.

PCHP provides children with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in school.  The RE(A)D Backpack campaign enables our supporters to ensure that they also have the school supplies they need.  For $25, PCHP donors can provide a red backpack fully stocked with school supplies for a PCHP participant to receive at their graduation or moving up ceremony.  Just 6 months into the campaign, and thanks to our generous supporters, over 100 backpacks have been purchased.

As we look forward to another year of Program successes, we hope to expand the RE(A)D Backpack campaign.  Many of our local sites are working with families year-round, so you never know when a graduation could be approaching.  If you are interested in providing an under-resourced child with a backpack full of school supplies for his/her first day of school, please visit: and click the “$25 RE(A)D Backpack campaign” donation line.

We look forward to another successful year of home visits; increased parent-child interaction and school readiness skills; beaming child graduates; proud parent graduates; and to gifting even more backpacks to PCHP families!