Fall Fun!
September 24, 2018 • By Michelle Ioannou

It is fall! Soon many of us will see a landscape filled with beautiful red and orange leaves, feel crisp nights, and taste pumpkin-flavored everything! This is a great time to teach your children about all the different things that fall brings.

Fall is so much more than the start of the school year! Experience this season with your children by cozying up on a fall night with an autumn-inspired books or by creating a fall art piece!





Fall Handprint Tree Activity

Celebrate fall with this simple arts and crafts activity! As your children observe the changes in the leaves, they can recreate what they see through their art.


fall handprint tree

You will need:

  • Sheet of white paper
  • Yellow, brown, red, and green paint
  • Q-tips
  • Pencil
  • Paper bowls



    1. With a pencil, outline your child’s arm and hand on the piece of paper, and paint in brown for the tree trunk.
    2. Put some of each paint color in separate paper bowls (you can also use pieces of paper to hold the paint.
    3. Using a q-tip, the end of a pencil, or your child can use their fingertip, start adding dots around the tree!
    4. Your child can build the dots up, mixing and overlapping to get beautiful fall colors until they have a complete fall tree!


    This activity was adapted from Arty Crafty Kids