Teaching Children Responsibility
March 19, 2018 • By Michelle Ioannou

In order to help your children grow-up to be responsible adults, it is important to begin talking with them about what responsibility means and why it is important from an early age. Stories and games are some of the best ways to build understanding about why responsibility is not only important but also rewarding. Below you will find books, toys, and activities that help you and your children discuss and experience these concepts together.



Here are some examples of age appropriate chores to consider.
(Reminder: consider your child’s individual skills and what makes the
most sense for your household)

How To Implement

Create a job chart! For every chore your child does, put a sticker in the proper place on the chart. Your child will love seeing the stickers increase over time and this will encourage them to help even more. You can also consider purchasing a customizable reward chart, like the one shown below by Kenson Kids.