Welcome Spring!
March 19, 2018 • By Michelle Ioannou

Spring is officially here! The weather will be getting warmer, flowers will start to bloom, and we can start to spend more time outside! This is the perfect time for your family to explore all the things that come to life in the spring – insects, flowers, trees! Here are some great books to read about the wonders of spring!



Spring Lady Bug and Bee Art Projects



You will need:

  • Black, red, and green construction paper
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes (optional) 
  • Dark green and black markers or crayons
  • Safety scissors 



    1. Draw a leaf the size of your hand or your child’s hand (with green marker) on green construction paper; Cut out the leaf.
    2. Cut one strip of black construction paper short ways (across the bottom) on the paper. 
    3. Cut another strip long ways (along the side), an inch thicker than the first.
    4. Glue together the ends to get a roll of construction paper.
    5. Glue rolls onto the leaf as the body and head of the ladybug.
    6. Cut out a red circle.
    7. Draw multiple black dots on one side; Then cut the circle in half.
    8. Glue onto the body of the ladybug (the bigger roll of black construction paper). 
    9. Glue eyes onto the head (if you have them). 

This activity has been adapted from Easy Peasy and Fun



bumble bee

You will need:

  • An egg carton
  • Safety scissors
  • Yellow paint and paint brush/yellow marker
  • Black marker
  • Googly eyes (optional) 
  • Black yarn
  • White construction paper
  • Glue



    1. Cut egg carton into sections.
    2. Paint carton with yellow paint and let dry (or color with yellow marker). 
    3. Snip a small slice on the front side of the egg carton.
    4. Slip one end of black yarn into slit.
    5. Wrap yarn three times around the body of the bee.
    6. Glue google eyes onto the face of the bee (or draw eyes with a marker). 
    7. Draw a mouth with the black marker. 
    8. Cut small white wings and glue them on top of your bee. 

This activity has been adapted from Buggy and Buddy