Paper Plate Snowman
December 4, 2017 • By Michelle Ioannou

As the days are getting colder and the season is beginning to change, children in many parts of the country are getting excited about the possibility of snow (and if you live some place where snow is unlikely, this is a great way to get to build a snowman anyway!).


fall tree


You Will Need:

  • Three paper plates
  • Black and orange (or other colors) construction paper
  • A glue stick
  • Glitter (optional) 



  1. Cut out a top hat and a carrot for the nose from the construction paper
  2. Show your children how to use the glue stick, and then let them scribble with the glue stick on the paper plate
  3. Sprinkle the plate with glitter (or little ripped up pieces of paper) so your child can see his/her scribbles come to life
  4. Repeat on each plate, and then staple the plates together
  5. Help your child glue on the hat and nose
  6. You can add pipe cleaners/ribbon for earmuffs and a scarf (optional); or use construction paper to make them as well.


For a no-mess snowman, use crayons instead of glue and glitter. 



Photo courtesy of Activity Village