PCHP in the News

  • Fall Fun!

    It is fall! Soon many of us will see a landscape filled with beautiful red and orange leaves, feel crisp nights, and taste pumpkin-flavored everything! This is a great time to teach your children about all the different things that fall brings. Fall is so much more than the start of the school year! Experience…Read More

  • KIMA Action News, 9/18/18   Nearly 70% of Yakima County kids not ready for kindergarten

      WEST VALLEY, Wash. — Katie Horton is a Kindergarten teacher at Ahtanum Valley Elementary School. She says its pretty easy to tell which of her students went to preschool and which didn’t, based on things like math and reading. Experts say only about 25 percent of preschool-aged children are actually in preschool in Yakima…Read More

  • Today’s Woman, Fall 2018   Home Visitors Program Earns Recognition

    The Children’s Council PCHP site in Lancaster, South Carolina was featured in the fall 2018 magazine print of Today’s Woman. Please read the full article below.    

  • School Nerves

    Starting kindergarten is an extremely exciting time for both you and your children, however, it can also be very nerve-wracking! It is a natural for both parents and children to be wary and anxious about this next step. A great way to support your children as they start school or are starting a new year…Read More

  • Back To School Time!

    Who can forget the excitement of starting school?! From socializing on the school bus, to opening a fresh pack of crayons, back-to-school time can be a time to create great memories and excitement about learning!             Tips for Kindergarten Success! Create a “tomorrow” drawer, cubby, or corner where your children can…Read More