PCHP in the News

  • The Buffalo News, 8/30/17   Advocates fear fund cutoff for low-income early childhood program

      Valentino Shine Jr. was a senior at Medaille College when his oldest son was born. He remembers taking him to some of his classes a decade ago, but knows a decision he made when both his sons were 3 years old has been key to their early academic success. He and his wife, Tasia,…Read More

  • Labor Day Fun

    Labor Day is always celebrated the first Monday of September, and for many of us it marks the start of school and the end of summer vacation. It is also an important moment to acknowledge people across the country who work so hard in many different types of jobs to make sure we have food,…Read More

  • ABC Avenue and its Connection to PCHP

    Hi! I’m Morgan!     I have a YouTube channel called ABC Avenue where I read children’s books to help spread the love of reading. I KNOW that Parent-Child Home Program is doing amazing work and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work with PCHP through DERT Book (more below). In my profession…Read More

  • Kaiser Health News, 8/21/17   Home Visits Help New Parents Overcome Tough Histories, Raise Healthy Children

      …Home visiting organizations operated under the radar for decades, until the Affordable Care Act created a nationwide program in 2010 to support them. The federal Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting program awards $400 million in annual grants for services to new families with young children or couples who are expecting. Nationwide, the…Read More

  • Celebrate the Eclipse!

    On August 21st, many people across the United States are going to be able to see a total solar eclipse, and many others will have the chance to see a partial one. A solar eclipse occurs when the sun is completely covered by the moon. Depending on where you are in the country, it will look…Read More

  • The Buffalo News, 8/13/17   Program teaches Buffalo parents how to prepare kids for school

    Three-year-old Alicia Wityee picked up an alphabet block from the back of a wooden toy truck and showed it to her mom. “I?” she asked. Her mother, Lalpan Mawii, took a peek. “Look at it again,” she told her daughter. “T,” Alicia said, barely audibly. “Louder. I can’t hear you,” her mother gently coaxed. “T!”…Read More

  • Helen

      Helen grew up on Long Island in a bilingual family, the daughter of immigrant parents. She attended local schools, and is very familiar with the immigrant experience on Long Island. When the North Fork Parent-Child Home Program started in the area, Helen heard about it through word of mouth, and called Sarah Benjamin, the…Read More

  • Supporting the Development of Cultural Humility in Young Children

    Multicultural Books To Read Together At a young age children are able to observe and recognize the differences in people. They start to make inferences about people’s gender, age, and racial differences. As your child meets new friends, classmates, and neighbors who are different from them, they make start to ask questions about cultural and…Read More

  • Newsletter, 8/10/17   PCHP featured in Philadelphia Housing Authority Newsletter

    Pennsylvania Parent-Child Home Program was featured in the Philadelphia Housing Authority’s Newsletter for the wonderful work being done in the Sharswood neighborhood of Philadelphia. Please click here and turn to page 15 to read the full feature.