The Parent-Child Home Program Vision

Every child enters school ready to succeed because every parent has the knowledge and resources to build school readiness where it starts: the home.

News, Events & Videos

Our annual gala was held on Friday, November 2nd. Click here to read about our honorees, Eva and Harry Wilson.
Our 2019 annual conference will be held from from May 1-2 in Long Island, NY. Please click here for more information and click here to view pictures from #PCHPConf.
On October 24, PCHP held its School Readiness Forum in Philadelphia. This convening featured diverse insights from the field and an exploration of new ideas to prevent the achievement gap.
Watch how Parent-Child Home Program is preparing the next generation to read, imagine, and achieve.
Meet PCHP CEO, Sarah Walzer, and learn how PCHP has been building brighter futures for under-resourced children and families for almost 50 years.

The Parent-Child Home Program Model

PCHP, an evidence-based early literacy, parenting, and school readiness model, is committed to closing the achievement gap by providing low-income families the skills and materials they need to prepare their children for school and life success.

Reaching families where they live
PCHP provides two years of twice-weekly 30 minute visits to families with children between the ages of 16 months and 4 years who are challenged by poverty, isolation, limited educational opportunities, language and literacy barriers, and other obstacles to healthy development and educational success.
Building trust through local hiring
PCHP’s nationwide network of program sites  hire  early literacy specialists from within the community being served.  They are bilingual in the families’ native languages and share a cultural background with the families, making them uniquely suited to access and support low-income and immigrant families who are often isolated by language and literacy barriers and are not participating in center-based activities.
Promoting parent- child interaction
Each week early literacy specialists provide the family with a high-quality book or educational toy that is a gift to the family and are often the first such items in the home.  Using the book or toy, the literacy specialist models reading, conversation, and play activities designed to stimulate parent-child interaction, develop language and literacy skills, and build school readiness.
Facilitating community connections
Through the two program years, PCHP early literacy specialists become trusted advisors and are able to connect families to other community resources including food, housing, medical, and educational services.  Upon completion of the Program, all families are assisted in enrolling their children in high-quality center-based  preschool programs.

Stories & Quotes

"At first I loved the Program just because of the free books and toys. But, the Program is so much more than that—the staff became my family and my support system."
—Alrick, parent graduate 2013
"Miss Merl opened my eyes and showed me that it was okay to allow my child to lead, communicate and be independent. I learned that your child can also be your best friend."
—Alrick, parent graduate 2013
Alrick’s Story

“The Program gave me the confidence I needed to enter school and learn English.” 
—Julian, child graduate 1979

“I noticed it at my 10 year reunion. Out of the group of 40 of us or so, a handful of us did PCHP, and that small handful of us were the ones that went off to college and the others did not. I think the one obvious factor was the Parent-Child Home Program.”
—Julian, child graduate 1979
Julian’s Story
"Since we've joined the Program, every time she sees a book, she picks it up and says, 'Read to me please'. I know PCHP has made a positive difference for Ayanah and me.”
—Tammy, parent graduate 2012
“This Program helped motivate my daughter and me to spend time reading and learning together. I saw that my daughter was learning, but also enjoying herself, which is a great feeling for a parent.”
—Tammy, parent graduate 2012
Tammy’s Story

Proven Outcomes