The Center Moriches School District’s Parent-Child Home Program receives New York State Bullet Aid allocations totaling $75,000 to support the continuation of early literacy and school readiness support for underserved families.


Garden City, New York July 6, 2015 – The Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP) is pleased to announced that the Center Moriches School District’s Parent-Child Home Program has received bullet aid allocations in the amount of $75,000 to support the continued implementation of the PCHP model in the district. The allocations were provided by NY State Senator and Majority Leader John Flanagan, $35,000, and New York State Assembly member Fred Thiele, $40,000, and will support the Program from September 2015 through June 2016.

PCHP CEO Sarah Walzer thanked Majority Leader Flanagan and Assemblyman Thiele for their generous support, “This a funding will enable PCHP to continue to provide early literacy and school readiness support to under-resourced families, ensuring that Center Moriches parents have the knowledge, skills, and materials they need to prepare their children to enter school ready to succeed.” The books and educational toys that families receive through this Program are often the first reading and learning materials in the home. PCHP has been working with families in Center Moriches for the past 10 years.

“As a result of the funding Center Moriches will receive, our partnership with the Parent-Child Home Program will continue to enhance school readiness for those youngsters most in need of the assistance,” noted Kim Hardwick, Principal, Center Moriches School District. “The work accomplished through this program has had a profound impact on our students, as parents are empowered to promote and develop early literacy skills for their own children. Given the academic challenges that await our students, nothing could be more important than proactive measures to ensure student success and build a strong partnership with parents/guardians.”

About The Parent-Child Home Program: PCHP is a national early childhood literacy, parenting, and school readiness program. The evidence-based Program effectively bridges the achievement gap for underserved children through intensive home visiting (twice a week over a two-year period) with 2-4-year-olds and their parents. Trained Early Learning Specialists model reading, play, and conversation activities using books and educational toys that are gifts to the family. Over four decades of research shows that PCHP increases parent-child interaction, improves children’s performance on IQ and school readiness assessments, and increases high school graduation rates by 30% – to the same level as middle class students. To learn more about PCHP’s history, please visit our website:

Media Contacts: Courtney Inman, PCHP Communications and Events Director, 516.883.7480,; and Helen Fechter, PCHP Coordinator, 516.441.4930,


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