Teaching in King County’s living rooms: Parent coaches share what they’ve learned

What have two women learned about childhood development from working with the Parent-Child Home Program, which sent them into the living rooms and kitchens of some of King County’s poorest homes?

The key to the success of King County’s Parent-Child Home Program, featured Wednesday in The Seattle Times, is the people hired to visit families and help parents understand how to get the most educational value out of playing and reading with their 2- and 3-year-olds.

As part of the reporting for that story, which is part of our Education Lab project, we asked two people with experience as home visitors to share what they’ve learned from their work.

Below, we’ve featured some highlights from their responses to three questions about their experience in the program.

They are Stephanie Salazar, a Parent-Child supervisor who still visits with three families for the Children’s Home Society of Washington and Hannah Locke, a previous home visitor for Kindering but now manager of early learning impact at the United Way of King County.

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