Build Your Own Snowman!

Is there snow on the ground? Are there any snowmen in your neighborhood? Go for a walk with your child and see if you can find any. If you live in a place with no snow, find pictures in books, magazines, and newspapers of all the snow and snowmen and share them with your child. You and your child can use items you have at home to build your very own inside snowperson, a great indoor activity for a cold winter day! Creating your own snowperson at home is a great way to talk with your child about different shapes, sizes, and colors


snowman bottle


You will need:

  • Styrofoam or paper plates or pieces of cardboard, scraps of fabric (denim, colorful etc.), something to trace circles with (cups,
    glasses etc.), glue, scissors, construction paper, old greeting cards, cotton balls
  • Crayons, pencils, and/or markers



  • Help your child trace 3 sizes of circles (small, medium, large) onto the styrofoam or paper plates or pieces of cardboard.
  • Have your child, glue the three parts of your snow friend together on a sheet of construction paper.
  • Use old greeting cards, construction paper, or fabric scraps to cut into accessories (hats, scarves, brooms, skirts, or other items of clothing – anything your child decides a snowperson should wear). Cotton balls can also be buttons or “hair”
  • Talk with your child about what kind of a face and features the snowperson should have – a nose, eyes, ears, a mouth? Your child can use the crayons, pencils, or markers to create the snowperson’s face.

Talking and Learning Tips:

  • Encourage your child to count how many circles or cotton balls they are using.
  • Ask if they recognize any of the shapes they have used to build their snowperson: such as circles, triangles, and squares.
  • Ask your child what colors they used to decorate their snow person?
  • Talk with your child about whether this snowperson will melt the way a snow person does outside?
  • Read a great snow book such as these PCHP favorites below. To purchase any of these books, please click on the image!


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