Snow Day – Real or Pretend!

Are you snowed in? Whether the answer is yes or no, a snow day (real or pretend) is the perfect time for lots of reading and playing! We have some great tips on reading and playing, along with some wonderful, snowy books to share. Take advantage of this snow day and strengthen your parent-child relationship. Your children will love it, and so will you.

Even if you’re not snowed in, you can still enjoy the snow! PCHP’s Pinterest Page has many different winter crafts and activities suitable for young children.  You can even make your own snow indoors!  You will also find book-related activities and art projects to go along with your favorite books, early literacy activities, play activities, and even more books and toys.

Whether you’re celebrating a snow day with your little ones, or just want to pretend you’re having a snow day, below are some of our favorite books about snow. Go ahead, enjoy your snow day, real or pretend!


One by one, animals living in a snowy forest, crawl into Nicki’s lost white mitten for warmth, until the bear sneezes and sends all the animals flying up and out of the mitten!



A little boy explores the city on a very snowy day.



Chaucer knows that bears are suppose to sleep through winter but he doesn’t want to! Instead Chaucer experiences winter with his friends.



No one thought a couple of snowflakes would amount to anything, but one boy and his dog have faith that it will turn into something spectacular.