PCHP’s Site in Amarillo, TX featured for a second time on ABC 7 Amarillo

The Parent-Child Home Program, (PCHP) is part of a national program that helps children and families challenged by poverty, literacy and language barriers better prepare for school. It recently launched in Amarillo and right now is the only PCHP program in the state of Texas.

So far the program has 8 Amarillo children enrolled, but hopes to meet this year’s capacity of 25. However, the program hopes to expand each year, helping more children and families in Amarillo. The Director of the program, Christy Jalbert is a former teacher and said from her teaching experience she’s seen the need for this program here in the community.

“A low-income child knows 30 million fewer words then a middle class kid, so what that does is set them back for school and they are always struggling,” said Jalbert. Read more