PCHP Site Coordinator Betsy Marlow Retires

Betsy Marlow

Betsey Marlow

Betsy Marlow, pictured second from the left, along with Kristen Laga, Traci Butler, and Ashley Baker.

In 2003, Betsy Marlow knew that Georgetown County, South Carolina was struggling with its education outcomes.  So she and her sister, Jo, set a goal of improving school readiness in the community to ensure that more children would graduate from high school.  After coming across an article about PCHP in Parade magazine, they decided that it was the program they needed to bring to their community.  In February 2003, Betsy and Jo applied to establish Miss Ruby’s Kids, a PCHP replication site in Georgetown County.

Now, 12 years later, Miss Ruby’s Kids is thriving and Betsy is ready to pass the torch to another leader.  Thanks to her dedication as a Home Visitor, Site Coordinator, and Site Director, Betsy has been able to provide the families of Georgetown County with the skills and tools their children need to succeed in school.

From the start, Betsy fell in in love with PCHP and what it stood for, and leaving will not be easy for her.  She will miss being a daily part of such a successful early literacy program.  She recalls the time when she went to visit one of her families whose PCHP graduate was in kindergarten.  She saw the graduation certificate proudly hung in the living room and saw their youngest child using the books and the toys they had received through PCHP.  Betsy said, “It was great to see visible evidence of program participation in the home two years later.  Their [the PCHP books and toys] presence spoke to me of the importance of the program in their life and the value the family placed on the learning materials they received.”  She knows more than anything that Miss Ruby’s Kids will continue to thrive with PCHP as its foundational program.  Georgetown County will miss Betsy very much and wishes her nothing but joy in the next chapter of her life.