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How to Better Integrate Immigrant Students into the K-12 System

As the number and diversity of immigrant students continues to increase, what’s a school system to do?

Recommendations from the OECD report may look familiar in that they mirror recommendations policymakers in the U.S. often offer as ways to improve the entire education system as whole.

For starters, systems should be in place to offer immigrant families high-quality early childhood education. In many respects, the U.S. is already doing this, the report notes.

The report touts the importance of programs like the Parent-Child Home Program, which provides two years of twice-weekly visits to families with children between the ages of 16 months and 4 years that are living in poverty, and have limited opportunities for education and poor language and literacy skills. The program also connects the families to other community resources, such as health and medical facilities.

States and school districts should make sustained language support available as soon as possible, the report underscores – something the U.S. has had trouble providing as it faces a shortage of bilingual teachers. Read more