PCHP Dublin Featured in Irish Independent

At three years of age, there are already big differences in language and mathematical development between children from rich and and poor backgrounds. This gap will widen if not addressed before a child starts school.
A programme pioneered in Ireland in Dublin’s Docklands is showing how early intervention, at home, can eliminate that gap. Children from educationally disadvantaged families are now entering school and scoring above the norms of children in middle class schools in English and Maths.
The Parent Child Home Programme (PCHP) is a school readiness programme that aims to nurture pre-school children’s early literacy and numeracy skills through educational play.
Over a two-year period, home visitors conduct half-hour visits twice a week with children aged between 18 months and three years during the academic year.
Each week, the home visitor brings a book or toy, and uses it to model play and interaction activities for parents (or sometimes grandparents) and children to do together. Read more