Parent-Child Home Program Becomes An Associate Member of Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation

Parent-Child Home Program Becomes An Associate Member of Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation.

Garden City, NY – December 15, 2014 – The Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP) has recently become an associate member of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF).  Together both organizations are working towards the common goal of improving the lives of children nationwide.  The Parent-Child Home Program will be joining in and connecting its local sites with the HWCF’s Together Counts™ campaign, a nationwide program to inspire active and healthy living.

“We are pleased to have the Parent-Child Home Program become a HWCF associate member.  We are committed to providing children and their families the resources they need to live active, healthy lifestyles, and we look forward to working together to help reinforce energy balance principles both at school and in the home,” said Lisa Gable, President, Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation

Parent-Child Home Program CEO, Sarah Walzer, noted, “We are very excited about introducing our families to HWCF’s Together Counts Campaign and working with the families in our Program to model for their children healthy habits — eating, physical activity, and literacy.  We are particularly excited about using the books and games that are an integral part of PCHP-to introduce messages about health eating and activities to parents and children together.”




About the Parent-Child Home Program
The Parent-Child Home Program’s nationwide network of program sites provides low-income families with the necessary skills and tools to ensure their children achieve their greatest potential in school and in life. The National Center assists underserved communities in replication and expanding this proven school readiness program that builds early parent-child verbal interaction and supports learning at home. Together we are strengthening families and communities, and building the workforce of the future.


About the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation
The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF), formed in 2009, is a CEO-led organization whose national, multiyear effort is designed to help reduce obesity—especially childhood obesity. In just five years, HWCF members have already removed 6.4 trillion calories from the marketplace, which represents a 78 calorie reduction per person, per day. It is a first-of-its–kind coalition that brings together more than 275 retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants, sporting goods and insurance companies, trade associations, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and professional sports organizations. HWCF promotes ways to help people achieve a healthy weight through energy balance—calories in and calories out. It focuses its efforts on two critical areas—families and schools—through its Together Counts™ campaign which is used by over 18 million students across the country.