Parent-Child Home Program and The WorkPlace working together with support from new grant award

For Immediate Release, May 18, 2011 – The WorkPlace, Inc. received a generous grant award from the JPMorgan Chase Foundation to support a new WorkPlace initiative called STEPS: Success Through Educating Parents & Students.  The $85,000 award will enable the launch of a pilot program to help female parenting youth enrolled in the Jobs First Employment Services (JFES) program.  Young parents who reside in the poorest neighborhoods in Bridgeport will be recruited for this pilot program.

In addition to the traditional JFES services such as job search assistance, vocational education and employment support services, STEPS will utilize the national Parent-Child Home Program curriculum. The Parent-Child Home Program is a proven literacy, school readiness and parenting program for families who have not had access to educational opportunities.

The WorkPlace will work closely with the Parent-Child Home Program’s national center to replicate the program here in Bridgeport.  Through home visiting, the program creates language-rich home environments for children and empowers parents to become their children’s teachers, preparing them to succeed in school.

We believe that STEPS will be a driving force by systematically assisting both parents and their children to be prepared for the future.  The program will blend workforce preparation and job training for parents with a proven national model that supports learning for families.

The WorkPlace is very thankful to the JPMorgan Chase Foundation for this grant award and their continued belief in WorkPlace programs. Our partnership with JPMChase began 13 years ago. They have truly enabled us to innovate and execute some of our most valued programs.

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