Olympics Fun

The Olympics have begun! Talk with your children about this world-wide event in which every country can participate.  If you can, watch an event or two with your children and explain the event to them. Find a map in the library or online and show your children where the different countries participating are located.

Have your own Olympic fun – make your own Olympic Torch, have your own parade, and Olympic events (who can hop faster, who can hop farther, etc.) While making the torch together, talk with your child about the significance of the games and all the different events. Afterwards, have your own Opening Ceremony in your home – have your children run the torch in!




You will need:

  • Red, orange, and yellow tissue paper or construction paper
  • Cardboard toilet paper or paper towel rolls
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Silver tissue paper or tinfoil, or silver or gold paint or markers



  1. Wrap your cardboard in silver tissue paper or tinfoil. If you do not have silver tissue paper, paint or color the cardboard silver or gold.
  2. Cut the tissue/construction paper into tear shapes. To make it look more like a fire, use more orange tissue paper, and less yellow and red.  But most importantly, let your child’s imagination run wild!
  3. Crunch the paper to make the flames look fuller; and bunch all the crunched pieces into a bouquet.
  4. Tape the bouquet of paper into the torch handle.
  5. Run with the torch like an Olympian!

Post originally found on Classy Mommy.