Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! Celebrate this day off from work by spending time with your child talking about what they want to be when they grow up. Talk about all the different jobs people have (Richard Scary’s What Do People Do All Day? is a great book to read together on Labor Day!) Ask them why they are interested in a particular job, talk about what mommy does at her job, what daddy does at his job, what grandparents or aunts and uncles do.
Explain to your children that Labor Day is a special holiday to celebrate the importance of all the different workers who help children, families, communities, and the country. There are so many great occupations out there, explore them all with your children through books like When I Grow Up by Mercer Mayer, or The I Want To Be.. series.

Enjoy this end of summer day together – read outside or take a walk around the neighborhood with your child and talk about all the different places where people work. Then you can create this great Labor Day art project in honor of all the workers in your community.


labor day craft


What you will need:

  • White paper
  • Red, white, & blue construction paper
  • Construction paper, any color
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers


  1. Draw a heart on white paper and cut it out
  2. Cut out a piece of the blue construction paper that fits on the left side of the heart
  3. Glue this blue piece onto the white paper
  4. Cut 4-5 red paper strips (depending on the size of your heart) that you will then glue onto the right side of the heart to be the stripes of the American Flag
  5. Cut out five starts from a white piece of paper and glue them onto the blue construction paper
  6. Glue your heart onto a piece of construction paper, you choose the color!
  7. Use the space around the heart to write your child’s thank yous to different workers in your community! Such as: thank you to teachers for helping us learn, thank you to doctors and nurses for keeping us healthy, etc.

Post originally found on Jam Paper.