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When then two-year old Jonathan was in just the first year of the Parent-Child Home Program, his mother, Yesenia, was already amazed at how his love for reading had developed. He asked her to read to him constantly throughout the day. At home, following what she was learning from PCHP, she read to him up to three times a day. She remembers that he could not contain his excitement every time he saw a new book.


When Yesenia brought him on the PCHP Jupiter Library tour organized by the Guatemalan-Maya Center, he was overjoyed. As he walked around the Children’s Section and saw all he books on the shelves, his face was beaming with excitement. He said to his mother “I want a book!” and reached out to grab one. Discovering that even after they graduated from PCHP, the family would be able to access new books every week through their local library was so exciting for Yesenia and Jonathan. The library will enable this boy who loves reading to continue to explore new worlds through books!