Handprint American Flag

Happy Memorial Day!


The unofficial kickoff to summer is upon us and that means time for lots of outdoor play – not only running around play but also the kind of art projects you don’t want to do inside!  Outdoor play is fun for children (and adults as well), and is also a great opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and your child.  Start the fun this Memorial Day with an art project for you and your child to do together.  While you are painting together, talk with your child about why we celebrate Memorial Day, and how on this day we honor and remember everyone who has cared for and protected the United States.

Children love finger painting, but it can get a bit messy, so it is a great outside activity.  Here is a chance for your children to get messy and be creative, making a handprint flag out of their own handprints!



  • Paint – red, white, and blue of course!
  • Paint Brushes
  • Light Blue or other light colored Construction Paper cut in half
  • Red Construction Paper
  • White Paint Marker, crayon, or star stickers
  • Glue



  1. Paint a blue square on the palm of your child’s hand.
  2. Paint white and red stripes alternating down the rest of the hand. Remember, while doing these, talk about the flag with your children – what it stands for, what it symbolizes, how old it is, etc.
  3. Press your child’s hand on the light blue paper.
  4. Let the handprint dry. Once dry, help your child draw stars on the blue area of the handprint, or use the star stickers.
  5. Paste the blue construction paper onto the larger red construction paper.
  6. Remember to display the handprint proudly in your house!


After this project is complete, reflect on what you did with your child.  Ask them how the paint felt on their fingers.  Talk about the colors and how these are the colors of the American flag, but other flags have different colors.

You can repeat this activity to make other flags representing other counties your family is connected to or have your child make up their very own flag and make a handprint of it.


Project originally found on B-Inspired Mama