Fourth of July Fun

Fireworks are a traditional part of Fourth of July celebrations – the candles for America’s birthday! Now you don’t have to wait until dark, you can create your own fireworks at home with your children (these won’t be as loud). Paint fireworks are a fun way to get your children excited about the Fourth of July and a great opportunity to talk with them about this special American holiday and what it celebrates. Before or after your art project, read some of these great books about the 4th such as Corduroy’s Fourth of July, The Fourth of July Story, and The Story of America’s Birthday.

This project requires scissors, so young children will need adult supervision and assistance. The projects uses paint and could be messy, so you might want to do it outside (or make sure you cover to cover the floor or table you are using)!




You will need:

  1. Toilet paper roll
  2. Paint- Red, white and blue!
  3. 4 paper plates (to put the paint on)
  4. Paper
  5. Glitter (Optional, to make your fireworks sparkle)


  1. Cut a toilet paper roll into 2” long fringes – open up the fringes so that the roll stands flat with the fringe spread out around it
  2. Pour one color of paint on each plate and glitter, if available, on the fourth plate
  3. Dip the fringe in the paint (and then you can dip it in glitter)
  4. Once the fringe is covered in paint, stamp it on the paper in any design or pattern you want. Layer different paint prints on top of each other for multi-colored fireworks and mix the paints together to make new colors and you will have an “explosion” of fireworks!

Once you are finished making your beautiful firework creations, ask your children what they enjoyed most about making their paint fireworks.  Art projects are great opportunities to spend time together and talk about the history of the day and the new pictures you are creating.

Post originally found on Happiness is Homemade.