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Deka Adbi’s daughter Fardausa is all smiles – she is a star in school and her mother is a star home visitor!


Deka Adbi was a new mom who had been living in the US for only a few years when she began PCHP in September of 2008 with her first child, Fardausa. An immigrant from Somalia, she had lived in a refugee camp in Kenya before coming to the United States. She had begun nursing school, but had not had the opportunity to complete it. After her daughter graduated from the Program in 2010, Deka started working for PCHP and changed her focus from nursing to early childhood education. Deka’s on a mission to change Somailian stereotypes about the role of parents in early education and show parents that they are a children’s first teachers. She is now in her fourth year of being a home visitor, has five client families, and loves her work.


Deka’s daughter, Fardausa is currently in third grade and doing wonderfully. She’s exactly like her mother – very dedicated to her studies. Fardausa loves to read, and reads well above her grade level! Deka now also has a son who is three years old. Fardausa can’t stop reading to her little brother now.