PCHP in the News

  • Enjoy the Warm Weather!

    Start the warm weather seasons off right by moving your feet and being active! Collect some of your friends and their children and host an Olympics. You can start by making medals together and then can identify some fun for all activities to get everyone moving! We share some ideas with you below, but feel…Read More

  • Be Earthy this Earth Day!

    Earth Day, April 22nd, celebrates our Earth and how important it is to us. Earth Day originated in the 1970s when environmental issues were first coming to the forefront as issues that needed to be addressed. This day provides an opportunity to think about what we can do to keep the Earth healthy, and how…Read More

  • National Poetry Month

    It is never too early to start reading poetry with your children. Poetry is actually one of the best types of texts for parents and young children to enjoy together. Nursery rhymes and rhyming books such as Mother Goose, Dr. Seuss, and Shel Silverstein are wonderful examples of poetry that children will love and want…Read More

  • Teaching Children Responsibility

    In order to help your children grow-up to be responsible adults, it is important to begin talking with them about what responsibility means and why it is important from an early age. Stories and games are some of the best ways to build understanding about why responsibility is not only important but also rewarding. Below…Read More

  • Welcome Spring!

    Spring is officially here! The weather will be getting warmer, flowers will start to bloom, and we can start to spend more time outside! This is the perfect time for your family to explore all the things that come to life in the spring – insects, flowers, trees! Here are some great books to read…Read More

  • Time to Spread the Love

    Celebrate Valentine‚Äôs Day by helping your child create valentines for siblings and family members or a bouquet for someone special! Then enjoy some of our favorite books celebrating the happiness of love.          Make a valentine butterfly (with or without the lollipop!) You will need: Construction paper (multiple colors) Lollipops/pipe cleaners/popsicle sticks…Read More

  • Black History Month

    In recognition of Black History Month, here is a list of wonderful books to share with your children, this month and every month. Stories of real people and historical events, evocative tales of everyday life, many with beautiful illustrations – these stories are meaningful, thought provoking, and entertaining; and all of them are great read-alouds.…Read More

  • Hot Chocolate Time!

    What better drink is there in the winter than hot chocolate?! Make some hot chocolate together with your children. Explain the steps, and have them help measure the chocolate and stir it into the milk. If you have them, let them count how many marshmallows they want. Then while drinking hot chocolate together, read one…Read More

  • Celebrate Winter with Books and Penguins!

    As the days get shorter and colder, it is time to officially celebrate the winter! This means time to break out the hot chocolate, boots, and mittens! Talk with your child about some of their favorite winter activities. Below you will find some books and an activity to help you and your child celebrate the…Read More

  • Paper Plate Snowman

    As the days are getting colder and the season is beginning to change, children in many parts of the country are getting excited about the possibility of snow (and if you live some place where snow is unlikely, this is a great way to get to build a snowman anyway!).     You Will Need:…Read More