PCHP in the News

  • Bilingual Child Month

    PCHP is proud to be partnering with parents and families to prepare the next generation of bilingual children, working with families in their home language, and preparing children to succeed in English in school. Parents give their children a gift when they raise them to be bilingual. As a Zero to Three article reports the different…Read More

  • A Day At The Zoo

    Visiting a zoo is a great activity that can be enjoyed year round, there are always interesting animals to see. Reading about the zoo is a wonderful way to bring the zoo and the diverse array of animals there into your home. Here are some great books about the zoo and the animals that live…Read More

  • Fall!

    Fall is here – school has started, the days are getting cooler, animals are getting ready for winter, and soon the leaves will start to change colors. This is a great time to learn with your child about the changing of the seasons – the colors, foods, and weather they will experience in the coming months.…Read More

  • Back to School

    As summer break has come to an end, parents and children are thinking about the new school year, and getting ready for back to school! Whether your child is starting school for the first time, or returning for another year, it can be an exciting and scary time for children. Here are some tips and…Read More

  • Labor Day Fun

    Labor Day is always celebrated the first Monday of September, and for many of us it marks the start of school and the end of summer vacation. It is also an important moment to acknowledge people across the country who work so hard in many different types of jobs to make sure we have food,…Read More

  • Celebrate the Eclipse!

    On August 21st, many people across the United States are going to be able to see a total solar eclipse, and many others will have the chance to see a partial one. A solar eclipse occurs when the sun is completely covered by the moon. Depending on where you are in the country, it will look…Read More

  • Supporting the Development of Cultural Humility in Young Children

    Multicultural Books To Read Together At a young age children are able to observe and recognize the differences in people. They start to make inferences about people’s gender, age, and racial differences. As your child meets new friends, classmates, and neighbors who are different from them, they make start to ask questions about cultural and…Read More

  • A House for Hermit Crab

    A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle is great book to read together to learn about the beach and the animals that live there. With beautiful illustrations and a fun story about a growing hermit crab, both you and your child are sure to enjoy this book. One great way to continue conversations about a…Read More

  • Indoor Summer Fun

    We hope summer is full of beautiful weather, but some days are just too hot or rainy to go outside! These days are the perfect opportunity to do some great indoor learning activities, do an art project, and read some books! Here are some books written by a former Parent-Child Home Program ELSs that we…Read More

  • Fourth of July

    Everybody loves birthdays, and America’s birthday is no exception. The beautiful weather (we hope), fireworks, and family celebration traditions, make it a fun and exciting day. The festivities are a great opportunity to explain to your child the history and traditions of July 4th. There are many great books that you can read together, including:…Read More