PCHP in the News

  • Five Ways Bilingual Books Promote Literacy

    Some parents and teachers are reluctant to use bilingual books with children because they worry that they will only focus on the words in their stronger language. However, when used appropriately, bilingual books can help children master their second language more quickly. In honor of Celebrate the Bilingual Child Month, please find below five ways…Read More

  • ABC Avenue and its Connection to PCHP

    Hi! I’m Morgan!     I have a YouTube channel called ABC Avenue where I read children’s books to help spread the love of reading. I KNOW that Parent-Child Home Program is doing amazing work and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to work with PCHP through DERT Book (more below). In my profession…Read More

  • PCHP Early Learning Specialist Vera Roffey Shares a Memorable Moment

    Anecdote of a Home Visit – Learning, Sharing, and a Story As told by Vera Roffey at the 2015 Parent-Child Home Program Conference.   During a home visit, the 10 year-old sister of the PCHP child I was visiting said, “I am embarrassed to have my birthday party at my house.” The children and a…Read More

  • PCHP Parent & Early Learning Specialist Lisa Torrey

    Lisa Torrey, a PCHP Parent turned Early Learning Specialist writes about the critical impact of Pittsfield’s PCHP site. I am writing to advocate for a program we are fortunate to have in Pittsfield Public Schools.  The Parent Child Home Program is an educational program for children ages 2 and 3 and their parents/ caregivers.  The program is…Read More