Carlos 1

“There’s nothing to lose with PCHP – it’s always going to be a gain.”- Carlos (Father)

In 2012, Carlos and Karla had three children under the age of three. They enrolled in PCHP with the oldest of the three, Carlos. Carlos was not talking a lot, often got frustrated, and was not always nice to his younger twin siblings. After graduating from the Program, however, he is, according to his parents, a completely different person.

Carlos enjoyed PCHP so much that he got excited whenever he knew that Melissa, his home visitor, was coming over. He would even set the table for the home visit!

According to his father, Carlos is now a great example for his younger siblings, and has really taken on the role of being a good big brother. His mother reports that he now speaks in full sentences, and his vocabulary has grown incredibly. PCHP Coordinator Melissa Greenwood attests to this saying, “He started with limited language, but it grew so much. He really blossomed at the end.”