Building Bridges: Nyack’s Parent-Child Home Program

Miss Mara lifts up Sylvia, twirling her around and exclaiming, “You look so beautiful today! Did you get your hair done special?” Dressed in blue jeans and a hot pink t-shirt with a heart emblazoned on the front, Sylvia proudly pats her updo hairstyle. Mara Cohen, a former music teacher with three children of her own, shares a natural rapport with the toddler.

Affectionately known as “Teacher” or “Miss Mara,” the Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP) home visitor animatedly begins the session, which features popular children’s book “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” Sylvia’s mother, Kyisha, actively participates in the session, sitting next to her daughter and encouraging her to stay focused. As Miss Mara guides Sylvia through each page of the book, she artfully uses rich verbal language and encourages robust verbal interaction between Kyisha and Sylvia. Mara will expand on this thirty-minute session at the next visit scheduled two days from today. When Sylvia graduates from the program, she will have received two years of home visits to help prepare her for school. Read more