Balloon Sports

This week we will focus on building large motor skills through activities that engage young children’s large muscles, like jumping, throwing, and catching.


You will need:

Balloons, Paper plates, Popsicle sticks, Streamer or string

Balloon Pong: Tape a Popsicle stick to the back of a paper plate (this becomes your racket). Hit the balloon back and forth with the rackets. Tip: You can encourage creativity by coloring and personalizing your rackets.

Balloon Volleyball: Hang a length of streamer or string about 3 feet above the ground across a room or between two objects (this becomes your net). Take turns hitting the balloon across the net. Tip: Compliment the child on his/her wonderful turn taking abilities.

Keep It Up: See how long you and your youngster can keep it off the ground. Tip: Make up creative rules, like jump up or clap three times before you hit the balloon in the air.

School Readiness Tips:

  • Label body parts. Can you hit the balloon with your shoulder? How about your elbow? Which hand is your right hand?
  • Build early math skills. Can you count with me every time we hit the balloon?
  • Make connections. Remember when Spot played a game like this in the book “Spot Loves Sports”? What else is round like a balloon? What other things are blue?

** Note: This activity is best for children 3+. Always supervise young children when they are playing with balloons, as deflated balloons can become a choking hazard. **

Please click here to download a PDF version of this activity.