Puffy Newspaper Tree

Today is Arbor Day! Today is a great day to take a walk outside with your children, and talk about the importance of trees and why we need to plant and care for them. If there is an opportunity to plant trees today in your community, we encourage you to join in. If not, here is a great way to create your own tree at home with your children.

The puffy newspaper tree!



  • Newspaper, construction paper, or tissue paper
  • Cardboard, construction paper, or an ice cream stick
  • Watercolors/paint or crayons
  • Paintbrush
  • Green and brown marker
  • Stapler or glue
  • Scissors


  1. Start by painting a page of newspaper with your watercolors, or coloring it with crayons or markers
  2. If you used watercolors or other paint, wait until your newspaper is dry, and then fold it in half. Draw the shape of a treetop onto one side with your green marker. Then, with the newspaper still folded, cut out your tree shape. You will have two identical shapes.
  3. Use a stapler to staple the two pieces together around the edges, leaving an opening at the bottom for the tree trunk and to stuff your tree. If you do not want to use a stapler, glue will work too.
  4. Cut newspaper into small strips, crinkle them up a little, and stuff them into the open slot of your tree to make it puffy. You can also use construction paper or tissue paper.
  5. Cut a tree trunk out of cardboard or construction paper and use a brown marker or crayon to draw lines and knots. Insert the trunk into the treetop, and use staples or glue to attach the trunk and close up the tree top.

Adapted from I Heart Crafty Things