ABC 7 Amarillo, 9/9/15   Mission Amarillo launches new program to help younger kids in the community


Mission Amarillo launches new program to help younger kids in the community.

Beginning on November 2, Mission Amarillo will launch a new program known as Parent-Child Home Program, or PCHP hoping to make an impact on kids and families throughout the Amarillo area.

Mission Amarillo has been part of the Amarillo community since 2001. Since 2010, the organization has given more than 6500 pairs of shoes to kids in Amarillo, Bushland, Canyon, Highland Park and River Road ISD. The organization has now expanded their work to no longer solely focus on shoes, but mentoring, hoping to have a long-term impact.

To a large extent East and Southeast Amarillo are a little bit overlooked, so we are trying to focus our area in that part of town. A lot of our programs do extend to other parts of town, but our primary focus is going to be in East Amarillo for those reasons,” said Executive Director Jeff Parsons.

Thanks to Cal Farley donating space in their new engagement center, Mission Amarillo can now expand their programs to include ones like PCHP.

“It’s been in other parts of the country for 50 years, so Amarillo is a great place to do it,” said PCHP Director Christy Jalbert.

Jalbert, a former teacher said she witnessed a gap between low-income and other kids for years and it never made sense to her why long-income kids were not learning as fast as their counterparts.

“They’re smart, they have good teachers but there is still something missing,” said Jalbert.

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