“I have a lot of wonderful memories in the Program. I love the Program. I really do. I saw the change after we did the Program.”

Alexandra was only eighteen years old when she had her son Juan.  As a young mother, she enrolled in the Salem, MA Parent-Child Home Program.  Right from the beginning, Alexandra admired the patience of their home visitor, Cheryl.  It was a trait that Alexandra quickly brought into her own parenting.

“I loved my experience because I taught my son all in Spanish since he was born,” says Alexandra.  When Cheryl first began coming to the house, Alexandra had to translate for Juan.  However, by the end of the Program, Alexandra didn’t have to translate everything anymore, just little things here and there.

Juan and Alexandra had a strong relationship with Cheryl.  Toward the end of their time in the Program, Alexandra had her daughter.  Cheryl came over with a gift and a card for the baby, something Alexandra still remembers!

After Juan and Alexandra completed the Program, Alexandra started working as a home visitor for PCHP.  She subsequently moved on to her position at the Salem Housing Authority, but to this day she still recommends people participate in and work for the PCHP.  In fact, today, her cousin’s son, who is also Alexandra’s godson, is enrolled in PCHP!

Today, Alexandra is celebrating fifteen years of working at the Salem Housing Authority.  She still sees some of the PCHP participants she visite d in the area.  One of the families she worked with has become deeply connected to both PCHP and Alexandra; the mother went on to work for PCHP, and the daughter became Alexandra’s daughter’s best friend!